Thank You, Akiko

I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet Akiko.  Her presentation was very well done and insightful, as well as informative and relative.

It is always nice to meet someone who is just one or two steps ahead of me and is doing something they love with the skills they have learned in school and the experience they have gained in the workplace.  It give students, especially seniors like me, hope for an exciting and rewarding career.

Since Akiko’s presentation, I have had several conversations about the importance of design, content, and functionality of websites.  All three of these things, in my opinion, are equally as important as the next.


I am a communicator, I love expression through the written word.  I also understand the importance of content – content is king.  I do believe, however, that a lack of effective design directly relates to the effectiveness of the content.

If a website is ugly, unorganized, and difficult to navigate, audiences will not be attracted to reading the content.  You could have the most interesting, well written, and enticing content ever created, but without a proper design plan, it is less likely that the viewer will search around and click through until they find what they want.

A UX designer’s job because critical at this point.  They have to understand and implement user-friendly functions that bring the reader to the appropriate content.

There are over 700 million active websites on the internet, and that number continues to grow everyday.  So many of these websites have yet to master the trifecta of effective content, design, and functionality.  But, when they do, it can really impact the success of the organization.


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