Internship Craze

For this weeks post, I did not find an interesting article, instead I am going to describe the beginning stages of my internship search process.

Next semester will be my last.  Therefore, it is time for me to complete an internship for credit.  I could have done my internship for credit earlier in my college career, but my goal is to land an internship in the spring that will lead me to a job post graduation.

I have done one internship already.  It was not for credit, it was for personal work experience.  I was a Business Development Intern for an IT company over the summer.  I really enjoyed my time there and I found the whole experience to be very beneficial.

images (1)

Now it is time to start looking for my next internship.  I have updated my resume (more than a few times) and had it looked over by several different people.  I took advantage of the accessibility of the Hofstra Career Center and had them critique my resume as well.

Now that my resume is ready, it is time to revise my cover letter and get my name out there.  I have been researching interesting PR internships that I think I will enjoy and I plan to send my resume out between tomorrow and Tuesday.

I do not, at this time, have any specific fields or organizations in mind.  I am open to anything- whether it be in house or agency, fashion or political.  The point of internships is experience, and I am ready to experience it all.

Hopefully, I land somewhere that I really like and they offer me a job upon graduation.  But that’s not till the end, and I have to find one first!


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