Now Boarding

Qylur, a Palo Alto based startup company, is changing the way TSA works.  In fact, with Qylur’s newest technology eliminates the need for TSA.  Qylur has introduced airports to a self-check security system.

This new innovation just once again proves how much our society is advancing technologically.  We are replacing humans with robots where ever we can.


Airport security, though, is something that I think still needs humans to do the job.  Airport security is no joke and flying safety should always be first priority.  I find it hard to believe that a robot can detect a suspicious person as well as another human can.  Humans can read body language and understand signs of a threat before a machine can.  Machines can only detect suspicious things that they have been programmed to detect.

We are currently having the artificial intelligence debate in my philosophy class, and it is really interesting.  It makes you wonder whether robots and machines will ever actually be so advanced that they can be considered intelligent.

But with the way our technology is advancing, who really knows…


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