An Interesting New Spin


Click here to watch the official Spin video.

Last Tuesday evening Net Power & Light, a San Francisco based company that creates apps for education, launched their new app called Spin.  “Spin brings you a brand new way to have fun together that’s so true to life, you’ll forget the distance and devices between you.”  This free app revolutionizes the way we connect with peers all around the world.

The video chat function is better than ever, “no drag, no lag, no break up in the moment”.  According to this article from the Wall Street Journal, Spin allows you to video chat with up to 10 people at a time.

The interesting thing about Spin is that while you’re conducting your virtual hangouts, users can share pictures, videos and other types of media with each other without losing connection or exiting the video chat screen.

Spin also includes a zoom in and out feature, where you can choose how interactive your screen is.  You can zoom in on one person, perhaps the person that is speaking, or zoom out to see everyone in your chat live at the same time.

This article from TechCrunch also provides a review of the app.

In a world where media spreads like wildfire, and users ultimately want to see their stuff “go viral”, Spin offers another way to share with ease.

Everyone likes to video chat; it serves many purposes.  Meetings, informational sessions, lectures, and good old fashion conversations with friends from around the world are made possible through video chat.


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