New Vs Social Media

It seems that people tend to confuse the connotative and denotative principles of new media and social media.  To shed light on these discrepancies, Brian Solis, a new media expert, posted this interview conducted by Israel’s BuzzInNews.

Lately, it seems the term “New Media” is popping up everywhere.  We hear it in our classes, on the news, on the internet.  But what exactly does it mean?

We are in an age of grand technological advances – and we are still at the very beginning stages of these developments.  New media is a term for how this technological shift is affecting the media culture.

As a very simple example, print publications of newspapers and magazines are becoming obsolete, and everything is moving onto the World Wide Web.

Social media, as Solis explains, is “a chapter in the ongoing story of new media”.  Social media is a portion, and possibly even a result, of this era of new media.


As a PR student I am very aware of the shifts between “old” and “new” media, and I am constantly being challenged in understanding the difference, and blending the two.  Crossover and integration are happening, and as a student- especially students of this generation, I am expected to have a wide scope of knowledge on all of the ‘medias’ out there today.


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